City home prices are flat, but metro-area price increases are outpacing the U.S.

Crain's  |  November 21, 2023

Our recent listing in Beverly was recently featured in Crain's Chicago. Read more


luxury penthouse

What's behind the rise of downtown's super-luxury apartment market

Crain's  |  August 2, 2023

High-net-worth people do the math. They’re aware that “they can put their excess capital in a two-year treasury note that has a risk-free return of over 4% instead of … Read more



Hope Emerges From Dismal January Apartment Numbers

Globe St.  |  February 13, 2023

Quentin Green, partner and director of development at Chicago-based Downtown Apartment Company, tells, “Now that we’re getting into the start of the spring… Read more


Chicago real estate

Chicago rent growth outpacing nation as market cools

The Real Deal  |  January 13, 2023

Demand for housing downtown is also being driven by a tightening labor market, Downtown Apartment Company’s Quentin Green said. With employers gaining back some power,… Read more


Rental market

Downward Rent Growth Revisions Favor Tenants

Globe St.  |  January 5, 2023

Green said property values and the increased cost of debt will affect 2023 rents. “Typically, rents lag increases in property value and increases in debt because of t… Read more


housing affordability

Housing Affordability Taking a 'Nosedive This Year'

Globe St.  |  November 16, 2022

Quentin Green, partner and director of development at Chicago-based Downtown Realty Company, tells, that home affordability will likely remain the biggest … Read more


renters to buyers

Breaking Down Basics: Converting Renters to Buyers | Grigory Pekarsky

Chicago Association of Realtors  |  October 7, 2022

Host Quentin Green sits down with Grigory Pekarsky, Vesta Preferred Realty, to talk about building a successful real estate business by converting renters to first-tim… Read more

TJ Talk: Where Real Estate Speaks

Taylor Johnson  |  October 4, 2022

‘Accidental Landlords’ Seek Expert Advice From Downtown Realty Company’s Quentin Green Read more

Accidental Landlord Podcast

The Accidental Landlord Podcast  |  October 4, 2022

Episode 30: Identifying Local and National Housing Market Trends with Guest, Quentin Green Read more

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