Qualities to Look for In Local Estate Agents in Beverly

local estate agents in Beverly

Below are the major questions one should ask local estate agents in Beverly:

How The Expert agents are Selling Properties in Beverly?

An agent with several years in the business may not get rattled if bumps in the road occur during the buying or selling process. Because real estate is a commission-based field, longevity in the career may be a good sign that the agent provides good service to their clients.

How many homes have been sold/closed on in the past six months?

This could indicate the real estate agent's success rate in the current market. In addition, some agents work primarily with either buyers or sellers, so you'll want to know if the agent can meet your needs. If you're looking to sell one home and purchase another, having one agent who can work with you on both transactions might make the process smoother.

What is your average number of clients? 

The number of clients the real estate agent is working with could have a direct impact on how much time he or she has to give attention to you and your situation.

Do you work with a team? 

It's important to know whether you'll be working with one agent the whole time or if you'll meet with other team members at some point.

What area(s) do you cover? 

Some real estate agents are neighborhood experts, while others cover a broader territory. Know where the agent has a footprint and make sure the area –and the agent's local expertise –are compatible with your needs.

What is your marketing and/or negotiation strategy? 

Whether you're a buyer or seller, you'll want to know how an agent plans to negotiate on your behalf. And if you're selling, you'll want to know the agent's approach to advertising your home to potential buyers.

What type of communication should I expect from you? 

The best means of communication for the involved parties and how often you and the agent will communicate should be established early.

Can you provide me with contact information for three references? Speaking directly with a real estate agent's former clients can help you get candid reviews of what it's like to work with them.

Importance Of a House Agent in Old Town?

An ornate iron sign with the world's Old Town greets visitors and passersby at the corner of North Avenue and Wells Street. The intersection is perhaps one of the busiest and most well-known four corners of the neighborhood. 

The area that makes up Old Town was formerly a settlement of German Catholics in the mid-1800s, and remnants of Germanic influences are still present throughout the neighborhood. Following the Great Chicago Fire of 1871 that devastated a large part of the city at the time, including Old Town, brought many changes. In addition to new homes and buildings, the area's population shifted as well, and other ethnic groups moved into the neighborhood, including Irish, French, Italian, Japanese, Eastern European, Filipino, Assyrian, and Puerto Rican immigrants. Over the decades, Old Town became a unique enclave for the many cultural groups coming to Chicago in search of urban life. 

The neighborhood blocks are lined with trees and historic charm is definitely a part of the home designs prominent in the area. Old Town is especially known for its Victorian-era style homes and buildings. Additionally, there are a number of small brick streets and alleys that predate the Great Chicago Fire that are still present in the neighborhood. 

This near north side neighborhood sits between the Gold Coast neighborhood to its southeast and the Lincoln Park neighborhood to the north. Residents of the area benefit from the area's proximity to the downtown Loop, Chicago's largest city park, and the lakefront beaches. 

Its location is not the only appeal. The neighborhood offers numerous bars, restaurants, coffee shops, comedy clubs, yoga/fitness studios, and more. It's also one of the few city neighborhoods with a hotel convenient for visiting out-of-town guests.

Commission Percentage of Realty Agents in Loop

A realty agent's commission is technically negotiable. Commission from a real estate transaction is usually split between the listing agent and the buyer's realty agent, as well as the brokerages they work for, and it's often between 5 and 6%. But there are situations in which the seller could try to negotiate for a slightly smaller fee. Some examples include if you're selling a home that's move-in ready, if you're buying and selling using the same agent if you allow a lockbox so the agent doesn't have to host every showing of the home, or perhaps if your home is in a hot market and you expect it to sell quickly. On the flip side, agents and brokers don't have to lower their fees. But it could be worth a discussion, depending on your bargaining chips.


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